My tips about India

When to go? Certainly not on monsoon! October-April. If it's your first time, don't go on Monsoon! There'd be heavy rains covering most of the country and you'll be missing out on lots of nice things. But of course, if you don't mind getting soaky and walking in puddles, you should be fine. Just avoid... Continue Reading →

India, our itinerary

I've finally made my dream of visiting India come true! I spent a total of 30 days there, and I had a blast! The first half of my stay was purely academic, so I spent almost all of it in Pune. It's the 2nd largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai, famous for having one of... Continue Reading →

Grandma sweetie

I miss you, May. I was looking at you helplessly and bitterly as you were slowly melting away since your persecutor and your sentence got announced : metastasized colon cancer. Palliative care. It took you 5 months and a half. I never got hit by a reality so hard. Suddenly all the medicine lessons I... Continue Reading →

Unnecessary drama for one paper

I think marriage is romanticised in a way that serves certain goals: cultural pressure & marketing. Make it look like a happy beginning so it'd be every girl's deepest dream, and you hit two birds with one stone. I was truly petrified at some moments during this wedding I attended to 2 days ago. I... Continue Reading →

Show your teeth!

An acute discomfort that I feel in the middle of my chest. I'd feel enraged, hurt and disrespected. I like to greet people in a kind way and with a smile. It makes me feel good, and I expect the same attitude towards me. And if my attitude meets coldness and arrogance, I get hurt... Continue Reading →

"Somewhere on your journey, don't forget to turn around and enjoy the view."

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